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Lube-Tips - An under-utilized Anti-Seize products during Assembly (Part 2)

10 Aug 2019
how to monitor compressor oil condition

Why is Anti-Seize So Impotant?
Anti-seize materials and compounds are used on threads, bolted joints and even ACME thread installation. The goal of anti-seize is to prevent the threads from, well seizing and preventing the normal disassembly of the mechanical joint.
TWO Most Common Seizing Problems
1) Galling - Cold welding cause the thread damaged
Galling is an adhesive wear that occurs when two metals are in contact and compressed against one another that built up pressure which cause friction. The friction produce heat that enough to weld the metals together. Galling is a potential problem in threaded assembling, for example fastening bolt and nut. This led to the breakage or torn of the thread resulting the bolt and nut to freeze and tighten. 
anti seize galling occur on bolt and nut or tapped hole
                             Galling on the thread of bolt and nut 
2) Fretting - Bolt fatigue after oxidation on friction area (due to oscillation)
Fretting wear or fretting corrosion caused when two metals in contact experiencing repeated relative motion by vibration (oscillation) and put under load. The contact movement cause rupture of the material and material transfer at the surface called debris. If fretting occurs in corrosive condition, oxidation on the wear surface will cause corrosion. In normal condition fretting caused the metals to fatigue crack and decrease the fatigue strength of the materials.
fretting cause bolt fatigue
                                 Mechanism of the fretting corrosion
1) Copper Anti Seize Compound
Product Link:- 2) Nickel Anti Seize Compound 3) Chrome Anti Seize Compound
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