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Food Grade Gear Oils

CASSIDA GEAR OIL is the fully synthetic base fluid has been selected for its ability to provide superior lubrication under variety of applications. It is specially formulated to provide excellent lubrication even when operating in locations where it is subject to contamination with water, juice and food, which is held in suspension, thus protecting metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. It has excellent separation properties, from water, in oil re-circulation and filtration systems. It is neutral odour and taste, good anti-oxidant properties, resists the formation of deposits and sludge even at elevated temperatures resulting in long oil and equipment life.

FOOD GRADE GEAR OIL GL 150 | 220 | 320 | 460 | 680

FOOD GRADE GEAR OIL GLE 150 | 220 for water content

FOOD GRADE POLYGLYCOL GEAR OIL WG 220 | 320 | 460 | 680 | 1000


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