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Transformer Oil

The purpose of transformer oil is as insulator and cooler for the electrical power transformer. Why don’t just use mineral oil as mineral oil also can be as insulator and cooler? This because transformer oil much more stable than mineral oil with the additive to enhance the properties of the transformer oil. 

As insulator, transformer oil has high dielectric strength compare to mineral oil. It can withstand the electric field in the transformer without breaking down it insulating properties. The dielectric strength at which also known as breakdown voltage of the oil is depends on the presence of the acids, water and other contaminants. How to observe the breakdown voltage of the oil is by the dipping 2 electrodes in the oil and the lower breakdown voltage reading means poor dielectric strength also shows that the oil is contaminated. As mineral oil is environment contaminant and easily degrade even with presence of small amount of water thus it has lower dielectric strength. 

transformer oil breakdown voltage testing device
The operation of the electrical power transformer releasing heat to surrounding. Transformer oil responsible to act as cooler by absorbing the heat and keep the transformer cool from inside. In order to make transformer oil reliable with the high temperature operation of the electrical power transformer, it has good thermal conductivity and excellent chemical stability. Unlike mineral oil, it is high flammability that may cause fire when operate in high temperature condition.

Transformer oil have two type based:
1. Naphthenic based
2. Paraffinic based
Please contact Davor's transformer oil consultant to receive more information and we are willing to propose our products to suit for your application. 

Nytro Libra Nynas Transformer Oil


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