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Heat Transfer Oil (thermal oil)

Heat Transfer Oil (Thermal Oil)

Heat Transfer Oil / Thermal Oil is a heat transfer fluid with good oxidation resistance for use in the liquid phase in closed heat transfer systems with forced circulation. It is used for heating or cooling or as thermal storing medium of heat transfer system. Naturally, water is an excellent heat transfer medium, however, due to its limit toward processing temperature and pressure water no longer convenient. Also, water can cause corrosion on the system piping, thus this give disadvantage.

What make heat transfer oil a better medium than water? Good thermal stability, their ability to resist oxidation that cause corrosion. This also prevents sludging and deposition of carbon in the system. Heat transfer oil have excellent heat conductivity properties for rapid heating and cooling. They have high operating temperature range 200 °C to 400 °C. Unlike water, their temperature limit just until 200 °C. Heat transfer oil designed with viscosity so that they can work in low or high pressure and open or close system. Viscosity of the heat transfer oil affect the turbulence flow in the system. Good flow resulting in good heat distribution in the system.

Properties of heat transfer oil give advantage for the costing. As it is easy to maintenance also have long life service.
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Hi-Rev Heat Transfer Oil (thermal oil) ISO VG 32

Hi-Rev Heat Transfer Oil (thermal oil) ISO VG 32

Fuchs Mineral Heat Transfer Oil (Thermal Oil) Renolin Therm 300


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