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Anti Seize Compound

Benefits and usage of Anti-seize compounds in the Manufacturing industry

Assembly and dismantle
If you’re facing problems in having your bolt and screw threads from seizing up every time you wanted to install or tighten something, Davor’s anti-seize compound helps prevent that and allows smoother conversion of tightening force. Anti-seize products also helps improve multiple gaskets performance which prevent these threads from constant galling and protects them in highly corrosive environment. Applying the right anti-seize compound for your machinery could save you from spending unnecessary resources and time for repairing them.

Most first-hand machinery requires some sort of lubricant grease to be applied during the initial assemble. However these grease are only suitable to be applied on equipments that are mostly used in simple machineries. They act as a short-term tightening agent for small bolts and screws whereas anti-seize compounds are made to protect long-term internal components in complex machineries. 
What is the difference between grease and an anti-seize compound? The answer is in their end product’s functionality and durability. In extreme high temperatures, most screw joints require a special maintenance procedure through the use of anti-seize products. Many companies did not understand the purpose of applying an anti-seize compound for their machinery. Their current solution always requires the use of a hammer to beat out the seized-up bolts and screws. Thus an anti-seize compound became an afterthought solution during the dismantling process to apply it for all their bolts and screws.

TWO Most Common Seizing Problems
1) Galling - Cold welding may cause damage to the threads
Galling is a form of adhesive wear that occurs when two metals are in contact and compressed against one another which builds up friction. The rough friction then causes heat that may lead to some parts of the metal surface to be welded. Galling is a major issue in threading assembling especially during the fastening process for threads, many of them may break or torn resulting on having those bolts and nuts from freezing or tightening up. 
2) Fretting - Bolt fatigue after oxidation on friction area (due to oscillation)
Fretting wear or fretting corrosion occurs when two metal surfaces are experiencing repeated relative motion by vibration (oscillation) and put under load. The vibrating movement causes rupture in the materials which produces debris. If fretting occurs in a corrosive surrounding, oxidation on the wearing surface may cause corrosion. In normal condition, fretting may lead to metal fatigue and decrease the strengths of a material element.
With our variety of anti-seize products, we can help find the most suitable compound that’s best applicable for your machinery needs.

1) Copper Anti Seize
Copper anti-seize can operate up to 1100 °C. This is the most favourable anti-seize compound as it provides excellent corrosion protection. Copper anti-seize compound can be mostly applied on all steel elements with the exception of stainless steel as applying copper on it may lead to intercrystallite corrosion which causes stainless steel to rust and break easily. 
2) Nickel Anti Seize
Nickel anti-seize has excellent chemical and oxidation resistance. This made them suitable to be used in machinery that focuses in producing oil and gas. Nickel anti-seize compound also provides a superior corrosion protection on all steel elements including stainless steel. The maximum operational temperature for nickel anti-seize compound can sustain up to 1400 °C.
3) Chrome Anti Seize
Chrome anti-seize has high operating temperature up to 1500 °C. It is the most sustainable anti-seize compound in comparison to copper and nickel as it can operate under extreme temperatures while providing a strong corrosion protection.

Lube-Tips - An under-utilized Anti-Seize products during Assembly (Part 1)

Lube-Tips - An under-utilized Anti-Seize products during Assembly (Part 2)

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