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Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray

Silicone spray is an effective lubricant and can be applied on almost all kind of surface. It include metal, glass, rubber, fabric and plastic. When sprayed on hard surfaces, silicone spray is able to maintain its lubricating properties in a variety of temperature ranges and environments. Silicone will not oxidize and it can be usable up to 200 Degree Celcius and with excellent low temperature behaviour. It has very good stability to chemical substances and not soluble in water. 
Water Resistant
Silicone spray is resistant to water so it can be used to protect items from moisture. It is non oily but form a good lubrication layer to offer waterproof properties. Marine industry always use silicon spray as a rusty prevention spray. If sprayed on material, silicone spray will soak into the material and help water bead up and roll off the material.
Rubber Treatment
Silicone is a rubbery substance with superior sealing and lubricating properties. Due to the moisturizing property of silicone spray, it can help prevent rubber from cracking. If applied to rubber gaskets or other rubber items that may become dried, the rubber will be sealed. A sealed rubber gasket won't leak moisture and become dried out.
The lubrication quality of silicone spray can make surfaces very slippery. Never apply silicone spray anywhere that people need to walk or to any surface suspended above the ground. Due to its low surface tension, do not spray silicone onto painted areas. The paint sucks up the silicone and makes paint prep ever more onerous than it normally is. In general, silicon spray is poor in load carrying capacity and beware of oil compability. 


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