Davor Sdn Bhd
32-G, Jalan Puteri 5/16,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+6011-26139527 (Office)
+6012-2919166 (Sales)
Davor Southern Touchpoint
13A, Jalan Kencana 1A/24,
Taman Pura Kencana,
83300 Batu Pahat,
Johor, Malaysia.

Welcome to Davor Sdn Bhd

Largest eclipse magnetic and eclipse metal detector distributor in Malaysia. Also sell arrow solution products, schumacher machine tools and hydro carbide provider in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Welcome to Davor Sdn Bhd

Davor Sdn Bhd is a lubricant and industrial products supplier company. Our main office is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. Davor is a specialist in the technical solution provider. The company's business coverage is from machining, aerospace, marine, and electronic to automotive. Over the year, with our successful reputation in market, we have been appointed by overseas company as sole distributor to promote their products.


Air Duster Spray 1 products
Anti Rust Oil 2 products
Anti Spatter 2 products
Belt Dressing 1 products
Brake Oil 1 products
Carbide End Mills 1 products
Carbide Rod 14 products
Chain Oil 7 products
Chain Wax 1 products
Chassis Grease 1 products
Clean Room Grease 2 products
Fire Extinguisher 1 products
Food Grade Grease 4 products
Gasket Remover 1 products
Gear Oil 23 products
Grease 1 products
Grease Gun 5 products
Grease Pump 11 products
Heavy Duty Grease 5 products
High Load Grease 1 products
High Speed Grease 1 products
Hydraulic Oil 12 products
Hygienic Pump 1 products
Lithium EP Grease 2 products
Marking Blue Dye 1 products
Metallography 1 products
Mould Release Oil 2 products
Nylon Brush 2 products
Oil Pump 2 products
Oil Skimmer 2 products
Open Gear Grease 2 products
Penetrating Oil 1 products
Polyurea Grease 1 products
Slideway Oil 3 products
Silicone Grease 1 products
Silicone Paste 1 products
Silicone Spray 2 products
Teflon Coating 2 products
Transformer Oil 1 products
Vacuum Pump Oil 5 products
Wax Coating 1 products
Wire Rope Grease 2 products

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