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COLD GALVANIZING SPRAY Cold Galvanizing Spray Aerosol Spray


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TDS-Cold_Zinc_Galvanising_Spray.pdf (109.49 KB)
COLD GALVANIZING protects the iron and steel from rusting. It helps by coating zinc layer to prevents water and oxygen from reaching the underlying steel or iron. Secondly, the zinc protects iron by corroding first which we call it as sacrificial protection. If the underlying metal becomes exposed to corrosive substances, protection can continue as long as there is zinc close enough to be react first. After all of the zinc in the immediate area is consumed, localized corrosion of the base metal can occur.

Product Description

 is used as a protective final coating or primer wherever iron or steel will be exposed to corrosive conditions. The spray-film contains very fine particles of 95% pure zinc and aluminium. The film dries to a flexible, non-cracking, non-chipping coating.


- Restoration of galvanized steel roofing.
- Agricultural machinery, air conditioning units, fences.
- Marine equipment, boat hulls, metal floors and roofs.
- Mining equipment, oil rigs and off-shore drilling structures.
- Railroad equipment, structural steel tanks, transmission towers.
- Underground pipe lines, ducts, automotive bodies.
- Will eliminate atmospheric galvanic corrosion.
- It eliminates corrosion on weld and previously galvanized surfaces.

1. Surface to be treated must be totally free of rust, dirt, oil, etc. If necessary, sandblast or clean with sandpaper.
2. Shake can vigorously until agitator ball is free and continue shaking thereafter for further 30 seconds.
3. Hold can upright; spray ± 20cm away from surface. At least 4 coats (100μ) should be applied, allowing time for drying before applying next coat.

1. Mix well before use.
2. Can be applied by spray gun, brush or roller

Typical Properties

Cold Galvanizing Typical Value
Colour Silver
Density, g/ml 1.10
Salt Fog, No rust (@ 4 spray coats = 100u) hours 400
Humidity Cabinet, Pass, hours >1500
Coverage (1 coat/400g aerosol), m2 1.35

400 ml aerosol
5 liter bottle

Technical Data Sheet
technical data sheet of cold zinc galvanizing spray

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