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Cassida FM Coolant - DAVOR Lubricants Malaysia

Propylene-glycol-based fluid containing anti-corrosion additives, for use in closed systems to chill/cool/heat food or beverages in food industry applications.
Designed to be used in mixtures with potable water. Suitable for operation in the range of -45 °C to 120 °C.

Main application: Secondary cooling, or heating, in the food and beverage industry. For use in closed cooling systems, including those where there is a potential for incidental food contact. Not to be used for applications where there is direct contact between food and the coolant.

Typical Properties

  Refractive index at 20°C 1 431 nd20 DIN 51423-2
NSF reg. no. 144789    
Colour Clear and bright liquid    
Density (+15°C) 1056 kg/m3 ISO 12185
Flashpoint 112 °C ISO 2590
Pourpoint (50% in water) -60 °C ISO 3016
Kin. Visc. (+20°C) 47 mm2/s ISO 3104
Operating temperatures -45 to +120 °C LLS 134
pH (50% in water) 8.5    
Reserve alkalinity 12.4 ml 0,1M HCL/ 10ml ASTM D 1121
Specific heat (+20°C) 2.45 kJ/kg K  
Thermal conductivity (+20°C) 0.22 W/m K  

Original Fuchs Cassida food grade grease or oil MSDS, NSF (USDA) H1 and Halal certificate are provided. 
FOOD GRADE COOLANT Propylene-glycol-based for chill, cool, heat

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