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Concrete Mould Oil - LUBTEX Lubricant Malaysia

Product Description
DVOIL MOULD EX is a chemical release agent for both timber and steel formworks. It is blended with high efficient releasing properties agent to function as a bond breaker between formwork and fresh concrete.
- Stain free on concrete.
- Provides protection to both timber and steel formworks as it acts as a rust inhibitor and water proofer.
- Ready to use and should not be diluted.
- Usable for all types of formworks.
Instuction for use
The surfaces to be coated with DVOIL MOULD EX must be clean and free from dirt, old concrete or greases.
Use brush, sponge or spray equipment to apply on the formwork surface. Any excess liquid remaining on the surface after application should be mopped off. Allow 1-3 hours to dry before pouring concrete. lf the concrete pouring delayed more than 48 hours, the surface should be recoated.
DVOIL MOULD EX should be applied at the following stated coverage rates to obtain a thin and even film over the entire surface of the formwork:
- Timber formwork : 1 liter per 20m2
- Metal formwork : 1 liter per 31m2
Wear gloves and goggles during application. lf in contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. lf in contact with eyes or mucous membrane, flush immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention without delay. Use with adequate ventilation.
Technical Data (Typical Value)    DAVOIL MOULD EX
Appearance, Visual        Brown Yellowish
Chemical Type   Oil Based
Density at 25 Degree Celcius       0.9

Technical Date Sheet
 concrete mould release oil

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