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Electrical Insulating Varnish Spray - Spanjaard Malaysia

Spanjaard Electrical Insulating Varnish is a red coloured, moisture and oil resistant varnish. It is an excellent insulating medium for use in a variety of industrial applications. 
- For use on all electrical windings, coils and motor frames. 
- Protects against arcing from controller shafts, switch bases and other electrical equipment. 
- Used as a sealant for pipes, gaskets, etc. 
Application Instruction
1. Thoroughly degrease the component to be treated, preferably with a safety solvent, e.g. Spanjaard Electrical Motor Cleaner and allow to dry. 
2. Shake the can vigorously until agitator/ball is freed. 
3. Holding the can 25cm away from the object to be treated, apply one or more thin layers of product; allowing three minutes for each coat to dry. 
Typical Properties
Specific gravity @ 25°C 0.961
Flash point, PMCC, °C (D-93) 5
Di-electric strength (IEC 156)  
@ 25°C, volts/mil 1700-1900
@ 25°C, KV/mm 67-74
Di-electric constant  
@25°C (D-150) 2.9 – 3.4
Surface resistivity, ohms/cm2 (D257) 1x1014
Volume resistivity, ohms/cm2 (D257) 1x1014
Moisture vapour transmission (E-96) 4 – 5

electrical insulating varnish spray

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Density at 20 Degree Celsius, g/cm3: 0.961

Flash point, PMCC, Degree Celcius (D-93): 5

Di-electric strength (IEC 156) @ 25 Degree Celcius, volts/mil: 1700-1900

Di-electric strength (IEC 156) @ 25Degree Celcius,KV/mm: 67-74

Di-electric constant @ 25 Degree Celcius (D-150): 2.9-3.4

Surface resistivity ohms/cm2(D257): 1x10 power of 14

Volume resistivity Ohms/cm2 (D257): 1x10 power of 14

Moisture vapour transmission (E-96): 4-5

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