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Spanjaard Constant Velocity Joint Grease

Spanjaard CV Joint Grease is a high quality lithium complex grease which can be used for the lubrication of constant velocity joints of all front wheel drive vehicles and for slow and fast moving plain bearings (white metal) under light and heavy loads. The product contains a very high percentage of Molybdenum Disulphide of exceptional high purity. 

Lubrication of universal and constant velocity joints of front wheel drive vehicles and for slow and fast moving plain and anti-friction bearings. 

Application Instruction
Apply by hand, grease gun or directly from 90g tubes. Compatible with other competitive lithium complex greases. It is always a good practice to flush out old grease when switching lubricants. In bearings, this is achieved by frequent re-greasing over a short time span. It is essential that dust and dirt do not get into the CV Joints or bearings and care must be taken to prevent contamination occurring during grease storage and packing of bearings. 

Typical Properties
 Consistency – NLGI grade 2
Worked penetration, 25°C, 1/10mm 280
Colour Black
Thickener soap Lithium complex
Drop point °C +230
Evaporation loss @ 100°C, % 0.5
Dynamic rust test <1
Copper corrosion – 24hr/100°C Pass
Oil separation 18h @ 40°C 3
Water wash out @ 38°C, % <1
@79°C, % <4
Timken OK load, kg 27
Operating temperature  
Continuous service, °C -20 to 130
Short period peaks, °C 220
Oil viscosity, cSt, 40°C 210
cSt, 100°C 17.0
Flash point, °C 248


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