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Engine Oil Treatment - Spanjaard Malaysia


Product Description

A wear-reducing oil-based supplement for internal combustion engines. It reduces wear of piston rings, cylinders, valves and bearings. A stable dispersion that will not settle out and cause blockages.


Spanjaard “E” ENGINE OIL TREATMENT is a lubricant containing microscopic particles of Molybdenum Disulphide. These tiny particles are contained in a permanent colloidal suspension that do not settle out and block vital oil ways and filters. The Molybdenum Disulphide particles plate themselves onto the metal surfaces. When the oil film is squeezed out under load, the Molybdenum Disulphide takes over the lubrication, dramatically reducing friction and associated wear caused by metal-to-metal contact. Engine lubricating oils perform their tasks efficiently, but it is impossible for the lubricating oil film to be present at all times. Under conditions of extreme heat and pressure, the film can break down. When an engine is started, there is a delay before oil is circulated to all components. Under these ''boundary conditions'' the ''plated Molybdenum Disulphide reduces friction giving lower oil temperatures.
Spanjaard “E” ENGINE OIL TREATMENT increases engine reliability, reduces - maintenance, overhauls and expenditure on replacements.

Spanjaard “E” ENGINE OIL TREATMENT makes no significant alteration to the characteristics of the oil to which it is added. The MoS2 film formed cannot drain off bearing surfaces and is unaffected by extremes in temperature.

Moybdenum Disulphide

Molybdenum Disulphide or well known as Moly is widely use as lubricants additive also as catalyst. Due to Moly’s structure, make it a good friction modifier additive that alter the coefficient friction of the engine asperities surface. Moly provide a cushion between the two metal surfaces to prevent them to make contact. Thus, this reduce the friction and wear of the metals. Less friction so less heat produces from engine thus reduce the engine operation temperature.

engine oil treatment with moly

Application instruction

Petrol Engines:
Passenger Cars - add 250ml to engine oil.
Transport Vehicles - add 5% to engine oil.

Diesel Engines:
Add a minimum of 3% of Spanjaard “E” ENGINE OIL TREATMENT to engine oil. For stationary (i.e. on compressors, welding equipment, generators etc) and plant (i.e. bulldozers, graders, cranes etc) the above treatment should be repeated every 150 - 200 running hours.

Circulating and Drip Feed Lubrication:
In systems such as printing machines, calendars and machine tools, a minimum of 5% of Spanjaard “E” ENGINE OIL TREATMENTshould be added to the oil or reservoir.

Typical Properties
SAE 30
Density, g/ml 0.88
Flash Point, COC, Degree Celcius 204
Viscosity, cSt@40 Degree Celcius 104
               cSt@100 Degree Celcius 1.3
Pour Point, Degree Celcius -9
MoS Av.particle sieze, Fischer 0.45
MoS Friction Modifiers, dispersants Yes

250 ml can
5 litre.
20 litre.

Technical Data Sheet
engine oil treatment technical data sheet

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