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Engine Oil Treatment - Spanjaard Malaysia

Engine Oil Treatment

Product Description

Oil Treatment is an oil additive that improves oil viscosity at high temperatures. It also contains a soluble molybdenum compound which aids in reducing wear.

Automotive Applications
- improves lubrication
- reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke in worn motors
- increases engine compression
- reduces wear
- cushions regular impact areas such as tappets, cams and gears

Spanjaard Oil Treatment added to automatic gearboxes and differentials will:
- attain maximum friction reduction without causing the clutches to slip
- reduce wear
- maintain peak viscosity/temperature relationship of the oil for increased periods of service.
- Will not impair limited-slip differentials.

Industrial Applications
Eliminates hydraulic shudder when hydraulic oils overheat. Mixing proportions are higher in hot climates and lower in cold climates.

Application Instructions
For Engines:
Change oil if required. Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature, then add a full bottle of Spanjaard Oil Treatment.

For Automatic Gearboxes and Differentials:
Add half a bottle to each.

Typical Properties
engine oil treatment
Reignite your engine's performance, protect your investment, and enjoy a smoother, more efficient drive. Trust our Engine Oil Treatment to keep your engine in prime condition. Try it today and experience the difference! Your engine will thank you.



Color: brown/green

Pour Point (Degree Celcius): -6

Flash Point (Degree Celcius): 185

Density at 20 Degree Celsius, g/cm3: 0.87

Viscosity at 25 Degree Celsius, cP: 3000

Neutralisation Number D974: 1.4

Timken OK load D2782,kg: 16

Copper Corrosion D130: Pass

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