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Dielectric Grease - Spanjaard Malaysia

Dielectric Grease

Product Description
Introducing Spanjaard Silicone Paste, your trusted dielectric grease solution designed to safeguard and enhance the performance of electrical and electronic components. This specialized formula consists of a silicone oil base expertly thickened with an inorganic gelling agent, resulting in a remarkably stable and 'non-melting' paste. Beyond its primary function as a superior lubricant, this dielectric grease exhibits outstanding resistance to water, exceptional insulating properties, and a wide range of applications as an efficient release agent.
It works as a great dielectric grease due to excellent water and corrosion resistance. It can used as insulating compound which is non-conductive and prevents electrical leakage and short circuiting e.g.
- Sealing and potting of electrical and electronic components.
- Prevents tracking on insulators.
- Protects automobile ignition systems.
- Prevents ionisation and sparking on electrical equipment.
It will seal electrical equipment against the ingress of moisture, and protects metal parts against corrosion e.g.
- Seals outdoor electrical fittings.
- Protects chrome plating.
- Seals screw threads and automobile battery terminals.

Where to Buy
1) Walk-in Purchase - DAVOR Sdn Bhd stands as the Exclusive Sole Distributor of Spanjaard products in the Malaysia, guaranteeing you unparalleled quality and  authenticity. Get in touch with our dedicated Walk-in Purchase Contact nearby to explore our Spanjaard Silicone Paste. 

2) Our Indoor Support - Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable Indoor Sales Representative by EmailWhatsApp or Call, who are ready to answer your queries, provide guidance, and facilitate your purchase.

2) E-Commerce Authorized Reseller - Embracing the digital age, we're thrilled to introduce our E-Commerce Authorized Reseller platform. Now, purchasing your favored Spanjaard Silicone Paste is just a few clicks away. Visit our Authorized Reseller in Shopee Store or Lazada Store to discover an array of products.

Choose from the 100 Gram Tube, 500 Gram bottle or 15 Kg pail to suit your needs.
Typical Properties
Consistency – NLGI grade 3
Worked penetration, 25°C, 1/10mm 220
Colour White translucent
Thickener Silica
Drop point, °C None
Evaporation loss 30hrs @ 175°C, % 1.0
Dynamic rust test <1
Copper corrosion – 24hr/100°C Pass
Oil bleed 30h @ 175°C, % 0.2
Water wash out @ 93°C, % 1.0
Timken OK load, kg 1
Oxidation resistance, D942, % 1.0
Dielectric strength, kV/mm 15
Useful temperature range, °C -40 to 200
Oil viscosity csT, 40°C 750
Flash point, °C >250

dielectric grease

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Thickener: Silica

Drop Point (Degree Celcius): None

Color: White translucent

Consistency: 3

Operating Temperature (Degree Celcius): -40 to 200

Oil Viscosity @ 40 Degree Celcius, cSt: 750

Flash Point (Degree Celcius): >250

Dielectric strength, kV/mm: 15

Evaporation Loss 30hrs @ 175 Degree Celsius,%: 1

Water Wash Out @ 93 Degree Celsius,%: 1

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