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Transformer oil - LUBTEX Lubricant Malaysia

Product Code: TRX 10NL
Packing: 18 Liter, 208 Liter

Product Description
It is an uninhibited oil that formulated as insulator and cooler for the electrical power transformer. As an insulator, these oils have high dielectric strength compare to mineral oil. It can withstand the electric field in the transformer without breaking down it insulating properties. The dielectric strength at which also known as breakdown voltage of the oil is depends on the presence of the acids, water and other contaminants. 
The operation of the electrical power transformer releasing heat to surrounding. These oils are responsible to act as cooler by absorbing the heat and keep the transformer cool from inside. In order to make these oils reliable with the high temperature operation of the electrical power transformer, it has good thermal conductivity and excellent chemical stability. Unlike mineral oil, it is high flammability that may cause fire when operate in high temperature condition.

These oils have fulfils the requirements of:
- IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 uninhibited oil. 
- ASTM D1275 method B corrosion test
- IEC 62535 corrosion test
- DIN 51353 corrosion test
Product Benefits
- Excellent heat transfer capability to ensure heat can be release effectively 
- Great oil oxidation and degradation behaviour  
- Very good low temperature properties. 
- High dielectric strength. 
Breakdown Voltage Measurement
Breakdown voltage of the insulating oil can be measured by the dipping 2 electrodes in the oil and the lower breakdown voltage reading means poor dielectric strength also shows that the oil is contaminated. As mineral oil is environment contaminant and easily degrade even with presence of small amount of water thus it has lower dielectric strength. 

transformer oil breakdown voltage testing device
          Testing Equipment

Typical Characteristics
Viscosity at 40 oC, mm2/s ISO 3104   12.0 9.6
Viscosity at -30 oC, mm2/s ISO 3104   1800 1100
Pour point, oC ISO 3016   -40 -51
Water content, mg/kg IEC 60814   30 <20
Breakdown voltage, Kv
-Before treatment
-After treatment
IEC 60156
Density at 20 oC, kg/dm3 ISO 12185   0.895 0.875
DDF at 90 oC IEC 60247   0.005 >0.001
Appearance IEC 60296 Clear, free from sediment Complies
Acidity, mg KOH/g IEC 62021   0.01 <0.01
Interfacial tension, mN/m EN 14210 40 48
Corrosive Sulphur DIN 51353 Non-corrosive Non-corrosive
Potentially corrosive Sulphur IEC 62535 Non-corrosive Non-corrosive
Corrosive Sulphur ASTM D 1275 B Non-corrosive Non-corrosive
DBDS, mg/kg IEC 62697-1 Non detectable Non detectable
Antioxidant, wt% IEC 60666 Non detectable Non detectable
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