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Food Grade Anti Seize - LUBTEX Lubricants Malaysia

Food Grade Anti Seize - Texfood AZ Compound

Product Description
LUBTEX Texfood AZ Compound is white, non-toxic grease-like compound with a high solids lubricant content designed for use as an assembly lubricant for lubricating bushes, sliding surfaces and small open plastic or metal gears. It is also an anti-seize compound for threaded fasteners. The compound is designed to prevent damage during start up and protect against premature wear during the running-in period. 

It is also used extensively as a ceramic paste. 

Product Features
- Low friction coefficient provides protection during running in, prolonging component life 
- Provides protection against scuffing during assembly 
- Resists water wash-off, extending relubrication intervals when used as a service lubricant 
- Prevents seizure of threaded components enabling easy and quick dismantling 
- Dismantled threaded components can be reused. 

Application Instruction
LUBTEX Texfood AZ Compound should be applied sparingly as a thin film using a brush or lint-free cloth. Surfaces must be cleaned well before application. Due to its high solids content, it is not suitable for the lubrication of anti-friction bearings 

Typical Properties
Appearance Off white smooth paste
Operating temperature range as a service lubricant -30°C to +150°C
Operating temperature range as an anti-seize -30°C to +1100°C

- 500 Gram Can

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