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Engine Oil Stop Leak - Spanjaard Malaysia

Leak Doctor is a multi-functional oil additive especially suitable for use in high mileage or older vehicles.  The special additives work in all oils to stop oil leakage caused by hard and brittle old seals, and help recover “like new” performance. 

Leak Doctor also improves oil viscosity at high temperatures, and contains soluble molybdenum to reduce engine wear. 

- Reduces oil leaks by softening and expanding old seals. 
- Improves lubrication. 
- Reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke in worn motors. 
- Increases engine compression. 
- Reduces wear. 
- Cushions regular impact areas such as tappets, cams and gears. 
Application Instruction 
For Engines: 
Change oil if required. Run the engine until it reaches operating temperature, then add a full 250ml tin of Spanjaard Leak Doctor. 



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