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Anti Scuff Paste
The 3 Spanjaard Anti-Scuff Pastes in our range all contain a high percentage of MoS2. They are all used for the assembly of moving parts to prevent scuffing and scoring when running in and to provide initial lubrication before an elastohydrodynamic lubricating film can be formed. In addition, they are used for the pre-treatment of large open gears prior to conversion to Open Gear

Lubricant 1279.
The load-carrying capacity of MoS2 is in excess of 2750 Mpa (400 000 psi). No fluid lubricants are capable of withstanding such high loads. The different properties of the 3 Spanjaard Anti-Scuff Pastes are highlighted in the table below.

This product is manufactured in compliance with DTD 5617; NATO Code S722 and Joint Services Designation ZX-38

This product is specifically used in the assembly of jet turbines using synthetic oils. It is a feature of this product that the base will slowly evaporate above 250°C without oxidising, leaving behind the lubricating film. Approved as an anti-seize compound on nuts and threads/studs in the higher temperature zone of the ABB turbo chargers.

Typical Properties
Standard Grade 845 868
Worked penetration 1/10mm 285 280 295
MoS2 particle size 0.7µ Av.
Drop point, °C 180 >200 210
Base Petroleum Synthetic
Thickener Lithium Lithium complex
Complies with - Mil-M-7866
Lubricant for: Phosphor-bronze bearings Yes No
Assembly of engines & assembly of all moving parts for bedding-in without scuffing or scoring Yes Jet turbine/ turbo charger’s nuts & bolts
Pre-treatment of: Plain bearings Yes
Gears Yes
Piston rings Yes Aircraft
Cams Yes
Lathe centres Yes No
Anti-seize for: Nuts and bolts Yes Aircraft
Cocks Yes
Screw threads (refrigerants systems) Yes
Press fittings Yes
Turbine studs Yes Aircraft
Operating temperature range Lower, °C -20 -73
Upper, °C 150 200 120
Contents of smallest pack 700g 500g

Product Image

                                                                                           Assembly Lube Grease

Anti Scuff Spray
A gelled, soft paste assembly compound in aerosol form with a high Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) content used for engine or parts assembly to ensure bedding in without scuffing, pick-up or scoring. Also used as an anti-seize for pipe threads and for pre-treatment of large open gears. Anti-Scuff Paste can be used if a paste is preferred.

Spanjaard Anti-Scuff Spray is used for the assembly of moving parts. It reduces wear by providing lubrication during running-in. Also used for the pre-treatment of new or reconditioned plain bearings, gears, piston rings, cams, lathe centres and slides and their controls.

Prevents seizure in nuts and bolts, valves and cocks, screw threads (drill pipe tool joint lubricant, threads in refrigeration systems), press fittings and turbine studs.

A lubricant for phosphor bronze bearings - particularly in generating equipment, bulk head mechanisms, cylinder plungers and turbine relay valves. Used on loaded equipment linkages subject to high impact stresses or twisting.

Assembling machines with Spanjaard Anti-Scuff Spray results in the elimination of scuffing, pick-up or scoring during the bedding-in period, after which time the machine will run for its full designed life with minimum wear.

Even when the oil components begin to oxidise at above 200°C the MoS2 provides solid film lubrication up to 450°C.

The load carrying capacity of MoS2 is in excess of 2 750 Mpa (400 000 psi), above the yield point of most metals, and cold forming of the metal under the MoS2 film can take place without “welding” or pick-up occurring. Thus, when a hydro-dynamic oil film wedge is not present, wear or damage is prevented.

Product Image
                                                                                                                            Assembly Lube Spray

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Base: Petroleum

MoS2 particle size: 0,7μ Av.

Operating Temperature Range (Lower, °C): -20

Operating Temperature Range (Upper, °C): 150

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