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Spanjaard Wire Rope LQG-X - Malaysia Supplier

Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X

A semi-fluid wire rope dressing designed for easy application and rope penetration which resists fling-off and water wash-out. Contains no solvent diluent.

Wire Ropes are a much abused though essential part of mechanical equipment. They are often exposed to abusive conditions e.g. salt water, rain, dust and extreme fluctuations in temperature and tend to be infrequently lubricated due to inaccessibility. The traditional lubricants are solvent diluted bitumen based products. This type of product does not penetrate the wire rope as effectively as Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X. Furthermore, the lubricating film cracks or chips because it sets hard.

Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X has been specially developed as a superior wire rope lubricant to overcome the disadvantages of conventional wire rope lubricants. It is a semi-fluid extremely tacky product containing molybdenum disulphide and other solid lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, water repellent and anti-fretting additives. Because of its semi-fluid consistency, Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X will penetrate right into the core of the rope, which then acts as a lubricant reservoir. The flexing of the rope as it comes under strain and passes over pulleys, encourages the feeding of lubricant between the strands, so that each is covered by a thin tenacious film.

The MoS2 and other solid lubricants in this film remain in place under the very heavy loads, greatly reducing wear and prolonging rope life. The tackiness of Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X prevents lubricant fling-off during use and greatly improves the water wash-off resistance of the product. Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X penetrates the core of the rope and remains as a flexible film, preventing internal as well as external corrosion.

Spanjaard Wire Rope Dressing LQG-X also finds application in the centralised or manual lubrication of chains, guide ways, spindles and conveyors.

Typical Properties
Spanjaard wire rope dressing LQG-X specification

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Density (g/ml): 0.902

Color: Black

Operating Temperature (°C): -20 to 160

Flash Point (°C): 250

Viscosity @ 25°C, cP: 3000

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