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Spanjaard RB2 Grease - Malaysia Distributor

Spanjaard RB2 Grease

Spanjaard RB2 Grease is a black, high quality lithium complex grease containing special extreme pressure additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as molybdenum disulphide. Spanjaard RB2 Grease can be widely used in anti-friction bearings or applications subject to slow or high speed, heavy loads and wet conditions.

The special extreme pressure additives and molybdenum disulphide provide reduced friction and wear under slow speed and/or high load or shock conditions. Spanjaard RB2 Grease can be used for lubrication of slow and high speed ball or roller type bearings and bushes e.g. wheel bearings of all types of motor vehicles, roller and taper bearings of larger transport vehicles, chassis lubrication, universal joints, industrial bearings (electrical motor bearings) and bushes. Spanjaard RB2 Grease is well suited for mining and construction vehicles, particularly those that operate in dusty or wet conditions.

The solid film lubrication formed by molybdenum disulphide provides enhanced lubrication under severe operating conditions. The use of Spanjaard RB2 Grease allows rationalisation of grades thus reducing inventory costs.

How To Use
Apply by hand or grease gun. Compatible with other competitive lithium and lithium complex greases. It is always good practice to flush out old grease when switching lubricants. This is achieved by frequent re-greasing over a short time span. It is essential that dust and dirt do not get into the bearings and care must be taken to prevent this during grease storage and packing of bearings.

Typical Properties
Spanjaard RB 2 typical properties

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Drop Point (C): >230

Color: Black

Consistency: NLGI 2

Flash Point (°C): 250

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