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Honiko air/pneumatic operated greaeser pump s using air to drive the pump. It will transfer the grease into desired lubrication points. It can be used in various of machinery, automobiles and industrail. It is usable from NLGI 00 to NLGI 2 grease with various of viscosity. It is suggested to use follow plate.&

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High Pressure – Rare Earth Product Data

The Micromag HP50 has all the same benefits of the standard Micromag but has been developed to suit high pressure through-spindle-coolant applications, where the smallest of particles can damage seals, spindles and even reduce the efficiency of the cutting tool.<

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These oils are recommended for the lubrication of machine tool slideway systems. They are designed for use with combinations of cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials. Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series may be applied by hand, forced-feed lubricator or in flood application by circulation system.<

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