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How to Clean Oxygen Sensor

30 Mar 2024
  1. Disconnect and Remove the Sensor

  2. Clean with Spanjaard Lectro Kleen: Use Spanjaard Lectro Kleen to clean the oxygen sensor. This product is likely designed to remove contaminants such as carbon buildup without leaving any residue.

    Clean the Connector: Use Spanjaard lubricating switch cleaner on the sensor connector to ensure a proper electrical connection.

  3. Dry the Sensor: Allow the sensor to dry completely after cleaning.

  4. Reinstall the Sensor: Once the sensor is dry, reinstall it back into the exhaust system.

  5. Check for Faults: After cleaning and reinstalling the sensor, check the analytic system for any fault codes. 

It's important to follow safety precautions and use the products according to their instructions to avoid damaging the sensor or causing any harm. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for both the oxygen sensor and the cleaning products used.

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