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Lube-Tips - An under-utilized Anti-Seize products during Assembly (Part 1)

27 Jul 2019
how to monitor compressor oil condition

What the difference between grease and anti-seize in assembly process? The answer is very obvious, their end product functionality and durability. At extremely high temperature and environment, the bolt or screw joints need a special kind of maintenance from anti-seize. As anti-seize is under-utilized and people don’t understand their purpose, anti-seize somehow be an afterthought solution after you had snapped the head of the bolt or screw that already waste you lots of time.

The purpose of anti-seize is to prevent the bolt or screw threads from well seizing and convert torque to tightening force more efficient. Anti-seize improve the gasket performance, prevent thread from galling and seizure also protect thread from highly corrosive environment. This helps you from wasting lots of money and time to repair also save you from headache. 

There are many types of anti-seize. How you choose your anti-seize is depend on your application. 
1) Copper Compound
Copper anti-seize can operate until 1100 oC. Copper is the most favourable anti-seize as it has good corrosion protection. Copper can be applied on all steel except for stainless steel. Copper on stainless steel create an intracrystalline corrosion and cause the stainless steel to crack and break. 
2) Nickel Compound
Nickel anti-seize has excellent chemical and oxidation resistance. This make nickel anti-seize suitable to be used in oil and gas industry. Nickel is a good anti-seize and provide superior corrosion protection on all steel include stainless steel. The maximum operation temperature of nickel anti-seize until 1400 oC.
3) Chrome Compound
Chrome anti-seize has high operating temperature up until 1500 oC. Chrome is the most superior anti-seize and can operate under extreme temperature and enviroment also give good corrosion protection.
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