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About Us

At DAVOR, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in friction.

Everyone Is Guessing.

Engineers don’t know what grease to use, how to extend the rolling element lifespan, a proper cleaning procedure, or even what is the root cause of equipment or tooling premature failure. Factory managers don’t know there are thousands of lubricants for selection, how to differentiate mineral and synthetic, why grease thickener is important, or even how much they need to spend in order to do so. Purchasers aren’t sure which lubricants are best for their machine, and how much the operator is really spending their downtime (and money).

Throughout the history of business, people use the experience to make more informed decisions.

Our mission at DAVOR is to make lubricants, cleaning, and engineering more scientific. Today we provide the most practical technical assistance & consultancy in the industry. We want to make this information reach everyone to ensure every lubrication point, FRICTION FREE (not 36% bearing premature failure accounted to poor lubrication, from SKF Bearing).
Our Vision
We provide growth opportunity for all our employees, and through organization synergy, we create values to drive society advancement.
Our Missions
1) To provide a platform to enable greatness in people and organisation.

2) To help our clients experience scientific, distinctive and omni-channel improvements.

Our Slogan
Connecting Lubrication with Engineering.

LUBTEX Texgrease SP
" extends the bearing lifespan from 1 month to 6 months by investing a little higher cost. Lithium Complex thickener grease is an idea for higher requirement of multi purpose lubrication points. "

Spanjaard Food Grade Spark Spray (Multi Purpose)
".....we never thought of food grade multi purpose spray availabe in the market. After using this product, i have peace of mind of cross contamination in my production floor. Industtrial grade cleaning agent is never exsist in my production floor anymore. "

Eclipse Magnetic Filter MM20
"......this is the best ever product to filter sub micron particles for grinding machine. It works as the last "goalkeeper" in my existing filtration system. It has improve my product finishing and eliminate the product scratched problem. It also works great in edm and honing process as well."

Schumacher Red Line Machining Taps & LUBTEX Trilogic Tapping Oil
"......i have been facing maching taps broken after granted for stainless steel machining project. After tested with Schumacher red line taps, the tools life extended dramatically. It works fantastic together with LUBTEX Trilogic tapping oil."

Our Products
Davor Sdn Bhd offers a diverse range of high-quality products designed to cater to various industries and applications. Our extensive product range includes cutting-edge industrial lubricants, equipment, machinery, and components. Whether you require general lubricants, specialty lubricants, food grade lubricants, MRO, automatic lubrication system or specialized equipment, we have you covered.

With a commitment to excellence, our products are sourced from trusted manufacturers and are known for their reliability, durability, and superior performance. Explore our comprehensive product range and discover the solutions that meet your specific requirements. Trust Davor Sdn Bhd for top-notch products that deliver exceptional value and efficiency.