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Rust Remover Chemical

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Rust Remover Chemical Arrow Solutions Cleaning Chemical & Degreaser Rust Remover Chemical Arrow Solutions Cleaning Chemical & Degreaser Rust Remover Chemical Arrow Solutions Cleaning Chemical & Degreaser

Arrow Solutions Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer from UK

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RUST REMOVER 28 is a blend of mild organic acids and corrosion inhibitors designed to gently remove rust, corrosion and scale deposits from sensitive components and pipe-work.
• Concentrated formula containing 26% w/w citric acid.
• Contains no mineral acids.
• Mild organic acids and corrosion inhibitors minimise damage to sensitive metals during de-scaling and rust removal.
• Low odour formula does not create acid fumes and is therefore ideally suited for application to food processing equipment.
• Low foam formulation is ideal for de-scaling pipe-work and circulation cleaning.
• Removes rust and oxide deposits from ferrous and non-ferrous metals metals.

• Removal of rust and oxide deposits from sensitive machinery and equipment.
• De-scaling of boilers, heat exchangers, condensers and pipe-work.
• De-scaling dishwashers, glass washers, and pressure washers.
• CIP cleaning in the food industry.

Typically Rust Remover 28 is used diluted at up to 1:4 in water. When de-scaling closed systems ensure that the system is vented to prevent a build up of pressure in the system. Add solution into the pipe-work, tank or system and allow to stand for up to 20 minutes. Rinse or flush thoroughly with clean water. For heavy de-scaling applications re-circulation techniques will speed up processing and removal of scale from the system. For rust removal from components dip in a 1:4 solution of Rust Remover 28 and allow several hours to penetrate and loosen rust. Note some alloys can be sensitive to acids. Always check material for compatibility prior to full-scale treatment. Following treatment rinse thoroughly. Apply corrosion preventative such as Arrow Shield to protect components after treatment where appropriate.

COLOUR : Colourless to pale yellow
ODOUR : Virtually odourless
pH-VALUE (CONC.) : 2.0 approx.
SOLUBILITY : Soluble in water
FLAMMABILITY : Non Flammable
PACK SIZE : 20 Litres

Avoid spilling skin and eye contact.

Store upright in container provided away from thoroughfares to prevent accidental damage. Keep between 0 and 40°C.

Health and Safety Data sheet available separately.
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