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Spanjaard Leak Doctor - Advanced Engine Oil Stop Leak Additive

Spanjaard Leak Doctor - Engine Stop Leak
Unlock the full potential of your high mileage or older vehicle with Spanjaard Leak Doctor, an exceptional oil additive designed to combat oil leaks and restore your engine's youthful performance. Specifically formulated for use in diverse oils, this multi-functional solution targets the root cause of oil leakage arising from aged and brittle seals, rejuvenating your vehicle's operation to a state reminiscent of its early days.

Leak Doctor goes beyond leak repair by enhancing oil viscosity, particularly during high-temperature conditions, ensuring optimal lubrication and protection. Enriched with soluble molybdenum, it effectively reduces engine wear, contributing to an extended engine lifespan and enhanced reliability.

Softens and expands old seals to effectively reduce oil leaks.
- Enhances lubrication, promoting smooth engine operation.
- Reduces oil consumption and minimizes exhaust smoke in well-used motors.
- Increases engine compression for improved power and efficiency.
- Minimizes wear, safeguarding your engine's longevity.
- Provides cushioning to critical impact areas such as tappets, cams, and gears.

Application Instructions
For Engines:

  1. Consider an oil change if necessary to optimize results.
  2. Allow your engine to reach its operating temperature.
  3. Introduce the full 250ml content of Spanjaard Leak Doctor into your engine.

Elevate your driving experience with Spanjaard Leak Doctor - the ultimate remedy for oil leaks and engine performance restoration. Trust in the legacy of Spanjaard Malaysia to deliver top-notch solutions for your automotive needs.

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