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Leather Treatment - Spanjaard Malaysia

Spanjaard Leather Treatment is a water based emulsion containing lanolin, carnauba waxes and leather fragrance to clean, protect and restore fine leather and plastic e.g. leather car seats, leather lounge suites, luggage, handbags, shoes and other leather goods.

- Suitable for all leather surfaces except suede.
- Protects from ultra violet rays that cause cracking, fading and dulling.
- Cleans and restores the original natural leather shine.
- Repels water.

Application Instruction
1. Shake container well before use.
2. Test colour fastness by applying on a small inconspicuous area before use.
3. Use a soft light coloured cloth or damp sponge to massage evenly into the required area.
4. Buff up with a dry cloth.

To clean very dirty areas first use Spanjaard Extreme Kleen and allow to dry.
Not suitable for suede leather.



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