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PFPE Grease: High-Temperature Lubricant, Equivalent Performance, Full Compatibility

Your Premier PFPE Grease for High-Temperature Applications.

TEXGREASE HT SYN by LUBTEX stands as the epitome of lubrication excellence, meticulously engineered to excel in high-temperature environments. This PFPE grease (Perfluoropolyether grease), fortified with a precisely balanced PTFE thickener, thrives in extreme heat, boasting an impressive operational ceiling of up to 280°C without compromise.

Distinguished by its steadfast thermal stability, TEXGREASE HT SYN ensures prolonged lubrication intervals even under the most grueling conditions. Its unparalleled oxidation resistance minimizes carbonization, extending component lifespan and reducing maintenance costs significantly.

But TEXGREASE HT SYN isn't just heat-resistant—it's a stalwart defender against chemical aggressors as well. Resilient against corrosive agents and solvents, this grease operates confidently in oxygen-rich environments, catering to diverse industrial sectors with ease.

Delving deeper into its engineering prowess, TEXGREASE HT SYN incorporates potent anti-wear additives, safeguarding your equipment and prolonging component life amidst intense mechanical stress.

Practicality meets performance with TEXGREASE HT SYN's user-friendly application. Compatible with most PFPE greases, it can be applied sparingly by hand after thorough component cleaning with appropriate solvents, streamlining your maintenance protocol.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Unrivaled thermal stability for extended lubrication intervals at elevated temperatures.
  • Minimal carbonization ensures sustained component integrity.
  • Chemical and solvent resistance, suitable for oxygen-rich environments.
  • Anti-wear additives enhance equipment protection and longevity.
  • Easy application, compatible with most PFPE greases.

Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance: Smooth, white grease
  • NLGI Classification: 2
  • Penetration: 265 to 295 (IP 50)
  • Dropping Point: >280°C (ASTM D2265)
  • Base Fluid: Perfluorinated Polyether
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 280°C

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Base Fluid: Perfluorinated Polyether

Thickener: PTFE

Drop Point (Degree Celcius): >280


Appearance: Smooth, white grease

Operating Temperature (Degree Celcius): -40 to 280

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