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Spanjaard Chain Wax - Advanced Motorcycle Dry Lube for Ultimate Chain Protection

Product Description: Experience the next level of motorcycle chain care with Spanjaard Chain Wax, a revolutionary dry lube meticulously crafted for superior performance. This specialized formula, presented in convenient aerosol form, combines premium waxes and extreme-pressure additives to provide a lightweight lubricant that forms a protective wax coating upon drying.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Lubrication: A much lighter lubricant that leaves a resilient wax coating, offering optimal protection against wear and friction.
  • Dirt-Repellent Technology: Dry lube formulation does not attract dirt and dust, ensuring a cleaner and smoother chain surface.
  • Universal Application: Suitable for all types of chains, thanks to its excellent penetration and versatile formulation.
  • Extended Chain Life: Specially formulated to prolong the life of your motorcycle chain by defending against wear, water, and corrosion.
  • Deep Penetration: Penetrates deeply into linkages, ensuring comprehensive lubrication for enhanced performance.
  • Fling-off Elimination: Adheres strongly to the chain, eliminating fling-off during operation.

Typical Properties:

  • Color: Brown, waxy
  • Density: 0.835 g/ml

Technical Data Sheet:

Spanjaard Chain Wax

Explore Our Range: Discover the difference with Spanjaard Chain Wax - the preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking top-tier chain maintenance.

Where to Buy:
1) Bulk Purchase or Reseller Enquiry - DAVOR Sdn Bhd stands as the Exclusive Sole Distributor of Spanjaard products in the Malaysia, guaranteeing you unparalleled quality and  authenticity. Get in touch with our dedicated Walk-in Purchase Contact nearby to explore our Spanjaard Chain Wax

2) E-Commerce Authorized Reseller - Embracing the digital age, we're thrilled to introduce our E-Commerce Authorized Reseller platform in Malaysia. Now, purchasing your favored Spanjaard Chain Wax is just a few clicks away. Visit our Authorized Reseller - LIFEHANZ in Shopee Store or Lazada Store to discover an array of products.

Application Instructions: Ensure a clean chain before application. Shake the can well and spray evenly over the chain. Allow the chain to dry for five to ten minutes before riding. After use, invert the can and spray to clear the nozzle. For bulk application, use a spray gun, brush, or roller.

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Rupa Bentuk: Waxy Liquid

Warna: Merah

Ketumpatan 20 Degree Celsius, g/ml: 0.82

Spanjaard Chain Wax - Advanced Motorcycle Dry Lube for Ultimate Chain Protection