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TM Induction Heating Easytherm 3.5 - Advanced Bearing Induction Heater

The TM Induction Heating Easytherm 3.5 is the ultimate induction heater designed for intensive use in service, repair, and production environments. With its innovative pivoting yokes, this heater ensures a safe and efficient heating process for bearings. Engineered for stationary use, it offers a broad application range for small to medium-sized bearings, accommodating a minimum inner diameter of ø 10mm and a maximum outer diameter of ø 370mm.

In addition to Temperature Mode, our larger Easytherm induction heaters, including the Easytherm 3.5, provide the convenience of heating in Time Mode. This versatile feature enhances the flexibility and control over the heating process, allowing for optimal results in various applications.

The Easytherm 3.5 comes equipped with a selection of yokes, including sizes such as 14 x 14, 25 x 24, and 50 x 48. For a comprehensive list of additional yoke sizes, please refer to our detailed Datasheet. To ensure precise temperature monitoring, a magnetic temperature sensor with a length of 1000 mm is included.


  • Voltage: 115 / 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Maximum Current: 16 A
  • Weight (excluding yoke(s)): 29 kg
  • Footprint: 415 x 260 mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 240 °C / 464 °F

With the TM Induction Heating Easytherm 3.5, you can elevate your heating processes to new heights of efficiency and precision. Its robust design and wide range of capabilities make it the ideal choice for demanding industrial environments, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Contact our knowledgeable sales consultants in your area to discover how the TM Induction Heating Easytherm 3.5 can revolutionize your bearing heating applications.


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